Hausa online music

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Hausa online music

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hausa online music

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Enter New Password.Recent Posts. Latest News. Prev Next. Apr 15, Apr 14, Apr 13, Apr 10, Apr 8, Apr 3, Apr 2, Mar 1, Another mad jam! From villas record, present mubson zamani, drop this hottest banger titled "Da Sake" feel …. Hey yo! Have you heard of an Afro-samba song before? If no hit the download button, and feel the vibe of good …. Ado Gwaja — Tambari Album. Sergio Ramos ya shiga Jerin masu kwallaye Mohamed Salah ne zakaran kwallon kafar Afirka.

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hausa online music

Zamani Empire Presents, Titahot back with another hottest banger tittle Control, Stay safe, Stay at home and feel this track. Download Music … Read MoreThe Hausa people or tribe is one of the most interesting ethnic groups in the African continent. This is because of their rich history, culture, social order and belief system. They are found in West Africa, especially in Nigeria. They live in the northwestern part of Nigeria and southeastern Niger as well as other west and central African Countries.

The area inhabited by the Hausa people is referred to as Hausaland. Many things about this ethnic group are fascinating, interesting and at times even confusing. With the current dissemination of information, many people are getting to know the Hausa people better. The purpose of this article is to show you undisputed facts about Hausa people to add to your knowledge. Like other ethnic groups, Hausa has its own mythical ancestors.

Subsequently, he left Bornu to Daura where he helped the king kill a hideous snake. As a reward, he was given the Queen of Daura.

Hausa People, Language, Tribe, Music, Culture, Women, Quick Facts

Bayajidda and the Queen had a son -Bawo who fathered six sons. Biram, together with the six other states are collectively referred to as the Hausa bakwai Hausa seven. Hausa is the Largest Ethnic Group in Nigeria. The latest Nigerian national census indicated the total population of Nigeria was million people belonging to over ethnic groups, the three main ones being the Yoruba, the Igboand the Hausa.

About 30 million of these representing This can give you an idea of just how popular the Hausa are. It would be accurate to say that the Hausa influences all the other tribes given their population.

They have also assimilated some smaller ethnic groups that border them. The Hausas are also found in certain other West and Central African countries.

Nigeria is a multi-religious country with Islam, Christianity and Traditional African religion being the three most popular religions in the country. Due to their Arabic roots, the Hausas are predominantly Muslims and very dedicated to their religion.

They are considered the 4th largest Muslim bloc in the world. Inasmuch as the Hausas are Muslims, they are also strict followers of their tradition and therefore subscribe to the traditional African religion.

Most of the religious practices in their African Traditional religion are actually related to Islam and therefore does not contradict or conflict their Islamic beliefs.

The Hausa people have a highly restricted dress code due to their religious beliefs.

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The neck area of these gowns features nice embroidery designs that add to their fashion and uniqueness.Highlife is a music genre that originated in Ghana in the 20th century and spread to Sierra Leone, Nigeria and other West African countries by It is very popular in Liberia and all of English-speaking West Africa, although little has been produced in other countries due to economic challenges brought on by war and instability.

Highlife is characterized by jazzy horns and multiple guitars which lead the band. Recently it has acquired an uptempo, synth-driven sound see Daddy Lumba.

Joromi is a sub-genre. This arpeggiated highlife guitar part is modeled after an Afro-Cuban guajeo. The pattern of attack-points is nearly identical to the clave motif guajeo shown earlier in this article. The bell pattern known in Cuba as clave, is indigenous to Ghana and Nigeria, and is used in highlife.

History of Nigerian Music The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of Folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments, and songs. Little is known about the country's music history prior to European contact, although bronze carvings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries have been found depicting musicians and their instruments.

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Subsequently, Nigerian musicians created their own styles of United States hip hop music and Jamaican reggae. Nigeria's musical output has achieved international acclaim not only in the fields of folk and popular music, but also Western art music written by composers such as Fela Sowande. Polyrhythms, in which two or more separate beats are played simultaneously, are a part of much of traditional African music; Nigeria is no exception.

The African hemiola style, based on the asymmetric rhythm pattern is an important rhythmic technique throughout the continent. Nigerian music also uses ostinato rhythms, in which a rhythmic pattern is repeated despite changes in metre. Nigeria has some of the most advanced recording studio technology in Africa, and provides robust commercial opportunities for music performers.

Ronnie Graham, an historian who specialises in West Africa, has attributed the success of the Nigerian music industry to the country's culture—its "thirst for aesthetic and material success and a voracious appetite for life, love and music, [and] a huge domestic market, big enough to sustain artists who sing in regional languages and experiment with indigenous styles".

However, political corruption and rampant music piracy in Nigeria has hampered the industry's growth. Traditional stars included the Hausa Dan Maraya, who was so well known that he was brought to the battlefield during the Nigerian Civil War to lift the morale of the federal troops. The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of Folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide.Welcome to the Audio section of Dandali. This section contains a mix of different Hausa sounds such as Radio programs, speeches, poetry, songs, prose, music and much more.

Listen to these Hausa sounds and send your comments, suggestions and or recommendations via webmaster Thanks for visiting and come back again as we will be adding Hausa audio files as soon as we get them. You need to have Realplayer installed in your computer in order to listen to these Hausa audio files.

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Download and install a free version of the RealPlayer if you do not have it already. Soultan sic is not a rapper, but a Hausa Techno think Yanni. Abdullahi Mighty and Menne are semi-rappers, including Ragamuffin in their works they also collaborated on Menne's debut CD. Lakal Kaney are the biggest rap act in Niger followed by Kaidan Gaskiya. This track -- like the rest of the album check out the MP3 tag for full details is brilliant.

Billy Tibani is a gambara wot? If you wish to discuss this by adding your comments or view other peoples comments regarding this Musical Sampler, you can click on the following link Abdalla Uba Adamu. Broadcast times, possible frequencies bandslocations broadcast to, web site link and if programs are electronically archived are included. This is a growing list. So if you know or have a favorite radio station s that broadcast news or other programs in Hausa language, please submit it to us so we can add it to this list.

Teach Yourself Hausa

This is a mixture -- a sort ofgrill. This Audio section of Dandali provides a list of Radio Stations that broadcast news and other programs in Hausa language.

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Tafsir - Late Mallam Abubakar Gummi - -. Afirka muso juna - wakokin Abubakar Ladan Zariya. Links KanoOnline.Hausa Food Abincin hausawa means food in hausa. Translation of Words - Fasssarar Kalmomi Translation of words in hausa. Useful Links other sites Link to Us please help us! Hello "Sannu". This website is dedicated to anyone interested in learning and promoting the Hausa languagethe people's culture and tribe. My name is Sam Odiaka.

There aren't many resources on learning the Hausa language on the Internet that I could findso I decided to put some up myself. Before you start, may I remind you one of the famious Hausa Proverb: Karatu, farkonka madaci, karshenka zuma "it may be bitter to begin study but the end is sweet". Hausa is one of the major languages of Nigeria.

It is the main lingua franca "A medium of communication between peoples of different languages" throughout Niger and the northern two-thirds of Nigeria. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Fulani of Sokoto incorporated the governments of the Hausa Bakwai into the Sokoto empire, the foundation of the political entity known up to as the Northern Region of Nigeria. The kingdom of Kanem Bornu empirealong with the remainder of present day North Eastern, Benue-Plateau and Kwara states, remained outside the mainstream of Hausa and later Fulani influence.

Note that Gwari is a term still used to refer to people who haltingly stammers out Pigeon Hausa Bagwari ne. Whilst those foreigner who speaks fluent Hausa are called "Ya iya Hausa kamar jakin Kano"literally meaning, "he speaks Hausa like a Kano donkey". Hausa is widely used as a lingua franca by Muslim populations in other countries West of Nigeria, e.

Benin, Togo, and Ghana. Hausa is spoken by, an estimated 22 million native speakers, plus an additional 17 million second language speaker. The largest native speaking population is in Northern Nigeria, where Hausa is the native language of the majority of the population and a universal lingua franca regardless of a speaker's first language. Every city of any size in West Africa has a large centralized Hausa community, usually referred to as zango or zongoa term, which originally referred to the stopping point for trade caravans.

In cities outside primarily Islamic areas the zango will usually be the center of organized Islamic activities, such as Koranic schools and sites for the major Islamic festivals.

This website is written to help you feel more confident about learning the Hausa language, quickly and effectively without spending several weeks, months or even years learning new language that you will lose interest in no time! Most of all its free! It is intended to be Fun! Happiness and Laughter with friends and family, sometimes with colleagues at work - "you teaching friends about Hausa language" with smile on your face.

hausa online music

Teach Yourself Hausa website is written to help you learn the Hausa language quickly, so that you can feel more confident hearing your relatives speaking Hausa and hears what some people are saying about you in the Hausa language.

Whether they're swearing or causing you in the language, you should now KNOW. Well, any body who wants to have fun quickly learning the Hausa language. By putting this website I was hoping it would motivate my children and myself to learn the Hausa language. It is also intended for people born out side Hausa land, may be your parents can speaks Hausa and didn't have the time to teach you the language or you're now an European or African American citizens that you wants to understand your parents' original language.

Look at this site as an introductory lesson to the building blocks of the Hausa language. If you enjoyed reading the contents of this site please tell your friends and the family about it - so they can have fun as well.

Imagine you speaking Hausa to them? Speaking "light hearted" Hausa words with your face yes! YOU are smiling. Who's this contents website for: Beginners who really want to know how to speak Hausa quickly with out much of a fuss!

This is the most easily digestible website contents ever written on the subject.Kananan hukumomin suna hada d. Hakan ya biyo bayan mummunan fur. Gwamnatin jihar Legas ta tabbatar da mutuwar wasu mutum 3 masu cutar coronavirus.

Kwamishinan lafiya na jihar, Akin Abayomi ne ya sanar da labarin a ranar Asaba. Gwamnan Borno, Farfesa Babagana Umara Zulum a ranar Asabar ya tara malamai da mutanen da ke sansanin gudun hijira dabandaban a karamar hukuma Ngala domin yi wa.

Abba Kyari, marigayin shugaban ma'aikatan fadar shugaban kasa Muhammadu Buhari, an birne shi a Abuja. A ranar Juma'a, fadar shugaban kasa Muhammadu Buhari ta sa. An hana wasu manyan hadiman Buhari shiga Villa bayan sun halarci jana'izar Abba Yanzu-yanzu: Ganduje ya sallami kwamishinansa da ya yi murnar mutuwar Abba Kyari Gwamna Abdullahi Umar Ganduje na jihar Kano ya sallami kwamishinan ayyuka da kayan more rayuwa na jihar, Injiya Mu'azu Magaji.

Yanzu-yanzu: Coronavirus ta sake kashe mutum 3 a Legas Gwamnatin jihar Legas ta tabbatar da mutuwar wasu mutum 3 masu cutar coronavirus. Abba Kyari: Zulum ya tara malamai an yi adduo'i na musamman Hotuna Gwamnan Borno, Farfesa Babagana Umara Zulum a ranar Asabar ya tara malamai da mutanen da ke sansanin gudun hijira dabandaban a karamar hukuma Ngala domin yi wa.

Hausa Load more.

hausa online music


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